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A reality show where the winner gets access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal
I would like to put in a write in vote for anthony weiners dick-pic for the 2016 presidential election
by vatonyjmu1978 September 16, 2016
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Scheduled to be held on the 8th of November 2016. This election is NOT "socialism vs capitalism" as sysops of Conservapedia like to say, but between lying corruption and incompetent douchebaggery!
Hillary Clinton is a corrupt liar because she takes lots of money from large donors but pretends to be against it, and she hires trolls and celebs to respectively buttfuck the social media and the news media with lies against other candidates.
Donald Trump is an incompetent douchebag because he wants to use nukes against something that isn't even a country therefore is hard to conventionally bomb... ISIS!!!
In the 2016 presidential elections, I would vote for:
Jill Stein
MUCH more willingly than...
Gary Johnson
MUCH more willingly than...
Hillary Clinton
SLIGHTLY more willingly than...
Donald Trump
by Itz Rob August 24, 2016
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