You could either say "figgis-fiddis" or "F-G-S-F-D-S", but however you say it, it is the one word that makes no sense whatsoever at all. It all started when someone on 4chan replied to a post with "fgsfds". Oryan (a 4chan user) soon shopped the phrase into a pic of some old dude (talk show host, probably) and now everyone on /b/ posts it. When somebody confuses you by saying something that makes no sense, simply say "fgsfds".
Dude One: "Isn't the TV donut high in fat kazoo?"
Dude Two: "I thought that all your base are belong to us"
Dude Three: "fgsfds"
Dudes 1 & 2: "What the fuck?"
by Hand Hanzo April 2, 2005
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A meme that originated on a 4chan thread around 2005 when someone replied to a post that stated "Post ending in 'X' (some number) will become a meme." This anonymous person typed the random text “fdsfgs” (probably by tapping the keyboard randomly with their left hand) and hit Enter and, through sheer dumb luck, earned a GET (their post number happened to match the OP request.) Everyone in the thread declared that a new MEME had been born. Someone put the phrase on a picture of Wolf Blitzer – and the history.
'fgsfds' needs no example since it is not really a word that anyone in their right mind would utter, unless they're an uncultured dumbshit. In fact, if I ever hear some stupid kid say "figgis-fiddis" or any other 4chan shit like that I'll punch them in their stupid face.
by derithian January 17, 2012
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fgsfds is a random string produced by typing random letters with your left hand on a standard QWERTY keyboard. The reason people use there left hand is they (usually) have a mouse in the right hand.
cutebunny442: Mmmm I agree
mallchin: fgsfds
cutebunny442: What?
by mallchin August 1, 2008
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A random character string which, through its slyness and intelligence, somehow managed to get past Urban Dictionary's screeners and now has several definitions.
fgsfds. Hey, I just put together some random characters and invented a word! Will Urban Dictionary accept it?
by redblade77 April 12, 2008
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"Tags: ..."


"Your name (or pseudonym): ..."

by fgsfds! September 1, 2008
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by fgsfdssss March 15, 2008
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A general keyboard spasm reply similar to typing "asfd" on the keyboard as a filler entry when information is requested. Note: ease of entry on keyboard.
When I registered my hacked software I entered asdf fgsds for the first and last name.
by Didjtal July 28, 2005
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