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When in many games, where a female character dies, it sounds more like an orgasm than someone dying.
Whenever you frag female players, they have a gamegasm. You can tell that men made this game.
by redblade77 November 19, 2009
A random character string which, through its slyness and intelligence, somehow managed to get past Urban Dictionary's screeners and now has several definitions.
fgsfds. Hey, I just put together some random characters and invented a word! Will Urban Dictionary accept it?
by redblade77 April 12, 2008
"It's the *space* *between* your nutsack and your asshole."

You have to say it exactly like that, emphasizing *space* and *between* (and you have to emphasize the words separately).
Q: "What's a Choad?"

A: "It's the *space* *between*..."
by redblade77 August 13, 2009
Insulting term to MySpace. MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, which is often called "faux news" by its opponents.
1: I want to set up a Ron Paul page on my Myspace!
2: Forget it! "Fauxspace" is more like it. Rupert Murdoch owns it and is in a conspiracy to shut him down.
by redblade77 April 12, 2008
A popular rap group led by frontman Ol' Dirty Beaver.
I just bought the new album by the PoonTang Clan! Ol' Dirty Beaver is an awesome rapper!
by redblade77 April 12, 2008
Hi, my name is Bob, and this is my anal canal pal, Mark!
by redblade77 July 5, 2008
This nickname for McDonald's was actually invented by the financial industry to avoid confusion between military contractor McDonnell Douglas (now owned by Boeing) and McDonald's.

McDonald's ticker symbol is "MCD", which can be pronounced "Mickey D's"
My client wants to buy shares of MCD! (pronounced "Mickey D's")
by redblade77 October 7, 2010