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A popular rap group led by frontman Ol' Dirty Beaver.
I just bought the new album by the PoonTang Clan! Ol' Dirty Beaver is an awesome rapper!
by redblade77 April 11, 2008

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This nickname for McDonald's was actually invented by the financial industry to avoid confusion between military contractor McDonnell Douglas (now owned by Boeing) and McDonald's.

McDonald's ticker symbol is "MCD", which can be pronounced "Mickey D's"
My client wants to buy shares of MCD! (pronounced "Mickey D's")
by redblade77 October 07, 2010

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Porn downloaded from BitTorrent, whether legally or illegally.
Dammit my girlfriend's busy tonight and I'm really fucking horny. I think I'll go get some ClitTorrent.
by RedBlade77 March 09, 2009

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When somebody sees you sneeze, blow your nose, scratch yourself, or touch something dirty just prior to shaking your hand, and you are forced to use your left hand instead of your right to avoid further embarrassment and grossing the person out.
Dialogue involving a reverse handshake:

1: Hi, 2! (reaches to shake 2's right hand)

2: (quickly sneezes, grabs a tissue to quickly clean his right hand and shakes using his left hand.) Sorry, Hi!
by redblade77 January 11, 2009

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In FPS games, when someone notices the high amount of frags another player has compared to theirs, and falsely accuses them of using hack, cheat, or bot programs. Often owners of game servers ban people for starting arguments this way, asking instead to report hackers to the admins rather than starting flame wars.
J03 L4m3r: RedBlade7 has 30 frags and I only have 17! He must be hacking.
RedBlade7: Stop with the noob accusations. You're just losing.
by RedBlade77 February 25, 2011

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A homosexual partner.
Hi, my name is Bob, and this is my anal canal pal, Mark!
by redblade77 July 04, 2008

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When in many games, where a female character dies, it sounds more like an orgasm than someone dying.
Whenever you frag female players, they have a gamegasm. You can tell that men made this game.
by RedBlade77 November 19, 2009

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