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A wonderful device that lets you play the video games you grew up with. Examples include ZSNES (best SNES emulator ever), GENS (Best Genesis emulator ever), and Mekaw (Best Game Gear/SMS emulator ever). The game images (ROMS as they're called) are downloaded separately. The emulator reads the ROM file, and activates it. Most emulators have graphic and audio options, for example you can interpolate the screen graphics or toggle between stereo on monaural sound settings. You can also map the control settings and use gaming add-ons, to try to make it feel more like the console your emulator imitates.
by Hand Hanzo May 2, 2005
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It is to the mental field what Gatorade is to the physical field. Energy drinks are made to enhance performance and concentration, and make the user hyper as hell. The best of these are BooKoo Energy, Monster Assault and FUZE Omega Energy.
I love energy drinks and drink at least one a week.
by Hand Hanzo April 3, 2005
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The really cute camgirl on 4chan, who posts in the /b/ section. She's very sweet and brings smiles to all /b/-tards with her cute pics. The most popular 4chan camgirl since cracky-chan.
era is so cute! I look at my pictures of her every day, wishing that one day, we could meet face to face.
by Hand Hanzo April 1, 2005
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A general exclamation of emotion. Accompanied by the word "squeal" for more emphasis.
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004
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A more emphasized version of the exclamation "tumor!", used to show great amounts of emotion!
WHOA!! I got a PS2 AND an X-Box? TUMOR SQUEAL!!!!
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004
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When you're playing Worms World Party and somebody presses the spacebar during your turn and makes you fuck up and hurt yourself.
Ahh! Quit spacebarring me!
by Hand Hanzo February 11, 2005
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A highly addictive Dope Wars spinoff(that's actually even better than Dope Wars) made in Flash by Josh Tuttle. It's a seriously addictive game where you buy things to sell at other planets, and with the money you earn, you can trade in your ship and get guns for your ship (must you go into battle)
I spent all day playing Taipan 3000 SE! I got l33t skills in this game!
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004
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