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You could either say "figgis-fiddis" or "F-G-S-F-D-S", but however you say it, it is the one word that makes no sense whatsoever at all. It all started when someone on 4chan replied to a post with "fgsfds". Oryan (a 4chan user) soon shopped the phrase into a pic of some old dude (talk show host, probably) and now everyone on /b/ posts it. When somebody confuses you by saying something that makes no sense, simply say "fgsfds".
Dude One: "Isn't the TV donut high in fat kazoo?"
Dude Two: "I thought that all your base are belong to us"
Dude Three: "fgsfds"
Dudes 1 & 2: "What the fuck?"
by Hand Hanzo April 01, 2005

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When somebody has sex with a member of their own family. When in doujinshi or fanfics, when two characters who belong to the same family, do such a forbidden action seen as wrong by many, but consensually because they are in love with each other, it automatically hyperboosts the quality of the doujinshi/fic. In real life, there is a level of controversy regarding incest. People in America can't do it, even in a consensual manner, by law, the British Royal Family has to do it by law, and some places probably don't even give a fuck whether you do it or not, as long as both partners wanted to do it, therefore no one being raped. When a lot of people think incest, they think deformed children and rape. But, birth control + consent of both partners = the right to declare a stereotype that anti-incest laws revolve around, false. Incest = redneck? Not necessarily. Anyone from any walk of life could be practicing incest. If somebody falls in love with a family member, you know sex will most likely be involved, therefore stereotype #2 has been declared false.
If they both are in love with each other, ain't a damn thing wrong with it, is there?
by Hand Hanzo April 18, 2005

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The webmaster of 4chan. Also spelled moot. Normally uses an anime-style cat to represent himself.
m00t r0x0rs! Long live 4chan!
by Hand Hanzo April 01, 2005

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1: The Japanese word for the number '151'.
2: A flash music video made by Neil Cicierega, featuring a song from Pocket Monsters (the Japanese version of Pokémon), and had many wacky animations and the famous lyric misinterpretation. 3 years later, Neil has made many animations with a similar style, called animutations, and Lemon Demon made a music video tribute to the famous Hyakugojyuuichi.
"TV says, donuts are high in fat kazoo/ found a hobo in my room/ It's Princess Leia, the yodel of life/ Give me my sweater back, or I'll play the guitar!"
by Hand Hanzo April 03, 2005

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A way of saying "Suck my dick" that actually sounds cooler than saying "Suck my dick". Also the name of one of the racehorses on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
This punk ass can duck my sick!
by Hand Hanzo May 17, 2005

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A venomous type of snake, also the former codename of Beatrix Kiddo (AKA The Bride), the main character in the Kill Bill movies.
"Black Mamba...hmph! I should've been motherfucking 'Black Mamba'!" as said by Vernita Green in Kill Bill Volume 1
by Hand Hanzo January 15, 2005

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1: An acronym for "GameBreaker 2" from NBA Street Vol. 2, in which an unstoppable team stunt was performed, adding several points to the user's team while taking points away from the user's opponents.

2: an acronym for "go back to", commonly used on 4chan. Usually followed by a letter or word in between two slashes (for example /b/ or /school/), to tell one where to go in the poster's opinion. the two slashes stand for how the letters of 4chan sections are between 2 slashes (like /h/ or /b/), representing how they are shown on the URL.
Example for definition 1:
"Yo! I pulled a phat gb2! Your ass is done!"
Examples for definition 2:
"Futanari doesn't belong on /h/! gb2/d/, n00b!"
"You can't spell worth shit! gb2/school/!"
by Hand Hanzo June 04, 2005

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