Asdf just is. Do not question the almighty power of asdf
One such example, "asdf" converted into morse code is .- ... -.. ..-. If you take the .'s and convert them to 0's and take the -'s and convert them to 1's, you get the binary number of 010001000010, which is 1090 in decimal. The year 1090 just happens to be 2 years after Christodoulos of Patmos, supported by Emperor Alexius I Komnenos, founded the monastery of Saint John the Theologian on Patmos. Only *4* years after the year 1090 AD... The First Crusade (1095-99) captured Jerusalem; and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem begins. Now because the Crusade on Jerusalem happened only a short time after the crucial year 1090, we can convert the letters ASDF into the ancient hebrew alphabet, and we get Aleph Vov Daled Samech (because of the differences in alphabets, these might not be accurate translations). We take the letters, and convert them into one word. Alephvovdaledsamech -- which converted phonetically sounds like "A lef volv da leads a mech". We can then read these sounds into words, and we get "A left Volvo does leads a mech." Going further, we get "A left Volvo does lead the mechanics", or "A left Volvo does lead the mechanical industry". We can then read into it, that a "left Volvo", obviously a car made in a country where you drive on the left side of the road, will one day lead the mechanical, or automobile industry. Ford Motors Inc. must have found out about this information before I could disclose it to you -- for they just bought Volvo. Ford is obviously trying to change this age-old Hebrew prophecy, and claim the winnings for themselves!
by joe dimagio December 8, 2004
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The phalangical equivalent to rolling your eyes, expressing to the online community your boredom or impatience. Asdf is the textual keyboard counterpart to tapping your fingers, individually, on a desktop from pinky finger to index finger.
You: "and omg, do you know what she said?...."
Me: asdfasdfasdfasdf...
by Limeliberator September 9, 2010
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asdf, the first 4 letters in the home row. Commonly used by internet newbs to either spam a board, create topics, or "remind" another user that they are there and existant, demanding attention.
by Irtehleetbob. December 16, 2002
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asdf meaning whatever lazy to type the real name
User name: asdf
Password: asdf
by elmo October 3, 2003
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1. Usually a mannerism for displaying frustration (e.g. what the heck)
2. four letters on the home row struck by the left pinky, ring,middle, index finger (respectively)
1. omg, asdfasdfafdasdfasdf
2. a-s-d-f
by herbal March 17, 2003
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The best 4 letters on a keyboard, they just happened to be in line. People often use it...just about anywhere. This is because the letters are so powerful, they can make up for complete essays, paragraphs, or just sentences.

Teacher: Wow Timmy! Excellent speach, you get a 100!
by aaron szenasi September 2, 2006
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Used when an appropriate title cannot be ascertained. Or: In the subject bar of an email when no title is deemed worthy.
by Matt June 14, 2002
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