when you are tired of working so you tipe sum lederz
a bunch of random letters:hsbcibshwbhfvbuwohbjhbjhwbjhbfubyrbhbdjwknfwjbf
by jhhfcdwhrigvnhfguwbfjnwdhjwrhb October 28, 2020
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an advanced form of foreplay often employed by Government economists
he woo'ed her with his random letter generator
by snowpanda June 17, 2009
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when you are bored and dont know what to do
some random guy: im bored so im going to type random letters qweru0qwehmporifdhs iafohwemrofqu34wh5rn0H(DF*A(PGH)RN(SDPU<{q4325't;erw.''<P}>FCZXP
by hihowareyoulol January 20, 2023
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