Someone who can't screw in a light bulb. Uncle Fester only knows how to screw herself.... she just sits and festers!
You think we are gonna answer your e-mail...well you can just go Uncle Fester!!!
by bobapple October 13, 2005
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When a male takes a diarrea in a girls mouth and then the grl gives him a blowjob
by matt October 23, 2003
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A complete and total fucking IDIOT! ie;Daniel Curry(fucktard)
look at that dweeble fester,using a coat hanger to scrape her uterus!
by maj November 04, 2004
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A sex act in which, while doing someone anally, you suddenly pull out and insert a lightbulb into their asshole.
Dude, I totally gave that chick an Uncle Fester. You should've seen her ass light up!
by SubSpecies23 April 03, 2006
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a ford fiesta (small car mainly found in the uk)
uncle fester---> fester ---> fiesta
by Lance Pickard April 05, 2005
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