Its not "Brittish", its "British", savvy?
by Bad Bastard March 12, 2008
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(adj) when a person is like or similar to a britt/lesbien.

to be raunchy, ugly, shady, whore.

unable to make facial expressions (smiling, puckering etc)

although britts are technically female, they might as well be men, because the only boys that go for them only lower their standards enough for a britt so they can get "laid"
that guys girlfriend is so brittish , she is such a man.
by britt_is_a_man May 5, 2009
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during sexual relations the male is positioned behind the female in one "doggy style" before the finish you fake a seizure resulting in one hell of a time.
that bitch couldnt handle the brittish tickler last night.
by Hung Mike January 31, 2010
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What you yell out when you are driving a car in North America and then you have a sudden impulse to drive on the left hand side of the road into oncoming traffic. Works great for impressing the hell out of police officers!
Driver: Im feeling Brittish!!

Passenger: AHHHHHHHH!!
by Lance P January 2, 2007
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Brittish is sent from above. One of a kind, poise, perfect. Some may think she’s conceited, but she’s just well developed and confident within herself. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Those around her are inspired and motivated. She is a bright shining star in a dark world.
Brittish is a Queen. There’s no other like her. The name speaks for itself.
by Britti November 23, 2021
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