A big guy that throws glass bottles over our yard, also stays in his Jeep and jacks off. Relative of Julian, Maria, Armando and Franco
Crap! The Uncle just threw another glass bottle over our yard!
by Spawnos February 19, 2017
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That creepy person who randomly shows up at the family reunions.
Uncle Ben why are you here?

Oh please uncle can you stop touching me
by Uncle Jeff May 23, 2019
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You: Hey, uncl,
Uncle: what? Btw I'm goin to rape you
by The classic memer July 25, 2018
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- The brother of your father/mother.

- Also, the husband of your aunt.

- The member of your family that loves you as their niece/nephew.

- If you are the niece, he could be calling you cute nicknames, such as... Cutie pie, Sweetie pie, His Favorite Niece, or anything he can think of. He can also make-up some jokes to crack you up!

- If you are the nephew, he could be playing sports with you when he has the chance, put you in a headlock (He probably wouldn't do that in real life), or maybe even challenge you to an arm-wrestle!

- No matter what, your uncle will always love you.
I have the best uncle in the whole wide world! And I'm sure glad he loves me as his niece!

- JellyBean600
by JellyBean600 July 19, 2018
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Likely to feed nieces cupcakes for breakfast.

Often buys often awesome presents that parents would not have gotten.

Definitely the funnest adult ever.
My uncle is the best uncle ever
by Okwtfdoiwrite November 24, 2018
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The art of unclehood, the practise of being an uncle.
I'm not ready to become a dad just yet, I'll stick to uncling my nephews for now.
by DjDreM August 17, 2011
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