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A device that allows people to communicate out loud with imaginary friends, foes, complaint hot lines, etc, while in public places. Commonly used on public transport.
Sam: That bloke was jabbering away, but had no phone.

Saul: He was using his imaginary bluetooth.
by wheaty August 05, 2008

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Fool, sap, chump, moronic, ridiclous.

Origin - The word baka is made up of two kanji - Ba (horse) and Ka (deer). The idea being that if you can't tell a horse from a deer, then you must be BAKA.
Anyone that still thinks George Bush is an honest man is truly BAKA.
by wheaty June 08, 2005

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NATO devised version of the english alphabet.
a - alpha
b - bravo
c - charlie
d - delta
e - echo
f - foxtrot
g - golf
h - hotel
i - india
j - juliett
k - kilo
l - lima
m - mike
n - november
o - oscar
p - papa
q - quebec
r - romeo
s - sierra
t - tango
u - uniform
v - victor
w - whiskey
x - xray
y - yankee
z - zulu
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo. A tune by The Bloodhound Gang.
by wheaty August 15, 2005

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Fine looking young lady (or ladies). Highly edible and extremely attractive. A head turning beauty that makes you say DAMN! without meaning to.
Mercy, the mall is full of tender vittles today.
by wheaty August 16, 2007

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Male crossdresser common to Hawaii, particularly the Chinatown district of Oahu. Mahu are on the streets to perform skin flute renditions for a price. Most mahu are pretty rough looking and could probably kick the shit out of you if provoked.

Mahu are disliked by large local women because they buy up all the large size stylish shoes leaving only funky kine shoes that nobody like wear.
a: Damn, dat lady sure got plenty make up and one short dress!

b: Dats no lady. Dats one mahu. She's a he and he could suck the chrome off a trailor hitch.
by wheaty May 28, 2005

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Everything is a-ok. Its all good.

Originated by post WW II US Sailors on liberty in Yokosuka, Japan. The strip right outside the main gate to the US Naval Base was called (and still is) Honcho Dori (means book district street in Japanese). Times were wild and there was no better sailor port in the world at the time. This was bastardized to Honky Dory by the sailors and it came to mean if you came from Honky Dory then everything had to be good or 'honky dory'.
a: Do you still have piles in your ass?

b. No, I quit drinking that Budweiser piss and now everything is honky dory.
by wheaty June 08, 2005

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An imaginary telephone device popular with riders of public transport, those having manic episodes, paranoid schizophrenics, and just common talk to yourself out loud types.
a. Whoa, dude on the escalator is yakking away to no one and there's no bluetooth in his ear.
b. Imaginary bluetooth in action. Probably on his way to the bus.
by wheaty August 19, 2008

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