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Same as thirsty, but with different modifiers.
a: You be thirstage?

b: Maximum thirstage.

c. Thirstage like a hot dog.
by wheaty May 30, 2005
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Another work for skank, but nastier. There were two men's magazines in the 60's called 'skank' and 'skutch.' Both featured chunky 20 something white broads with big saggy titties, bleach blond hair, red lips and nails, and a cigarette.
Uh, dat one nasty skutch, can smell her through the TV.
by wheaty May 26, 2005
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Fine looking young lady (or ladies). Highly edible and extremely attractive. A head turning beauty that makes you say DAMN! without meaning to.
Mercy, the mall is full of tender vittles today.
by wheaty August 16, 2007
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A guy who's a little too much in touch with his fem side. Walks with a sashey and holds his left wrist to his upper chest while gliding forward with his right. Understands house plants and window dressings.
The poodle boy walked thru the mall like he was on the cat walk.
by wheaty May 29, 2005
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The part of the brain connected to the back of the throat that regulates the intensity of a gag reflex. Upon receiving sensory input from the brain, the gag-o-magnifier then calulates the gag factor - taking into account synergistic variables such as alcohol or drug over indulgence, excess pie intake, and outside influences such as a blast of shit.

Gag-o-magnifier is from the Ninja Turtles cartoon.
Riding in the back of Elrod's Pinto across West Texas after a bottle of tequila and some peyote buttoms, the gag-o-magnifier kicked into warp mode and had me hurling like exorcist girl.
by wheaty May 28, 2005
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Philippine fine dining. A traditional meal where the food (usually pancit - skinny noodles cooked in grease) is dumped in a pile on old newpaper and then everybody eats as fast as they can using their fingers.
In the boodle fight you have to eat fast to get your fill.
by wheaty June 6, 2005
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Hawaiian slang for a local person of Japanese ancestry. Not considered derogitory. Being termed Buddah head by locals implies acceptance. See Katonk) for Hawaiian slang for mainlander Japanese Americans/Canadians.
See da brudda with the slippers and no shirt? He's not Japanese, he's a buddah head.
by wheaty June 22, 2005
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