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Philippine fine dining. A traditional meal where the food (usually pancit - skinny noodles cooked in grease) is dumped in a pile on old newpaper and then everybody eats as fast as they can using their fingers.
In the boodle fight you have to eat fast to get your fill.
by wheaty June 6, 2005
Hawaiian slang for a local person of Japanese ancestry. Not considered derogitory. Being termed Buddah head by locals implies acceptance. See Katonk) for Hawaiian slang for mainlander Japanese Americans/Canadians.
See da brudda with the slippers and no shirt? He's not Japanese, he's a buddah head.
by wheaty June 22, 2005
Same as thirsty, but with different modifiers.
a: You be thirstage?

b: Maximum thirstage.

c. Thirstage like a hot dog.
by wheaty May 30, 2005
To masterbate (male).

Originated from ZAP comics in the 1970's
Johnny being 15 had to wap his pork 3-4 times a day to reduce the white count.
by wheaty May 29, 2005
An effect in investment trading where the best intentions always result in disaster. If a sum is placed in stocks, the market will immediately collapse. You then Deeter and transfer your stocks to bonds as a stop loss. The stock market then rallies to all time highs and the bond market languishes causing you to Deeter again and transfer your bonds to stocks at a great loss in hopes of catching the market rally.
I put my money in stocks and the market dropped so I did a Deeter and put it in bonds and then the stock market rallied and I did another Deeter and put it back in stocks. I lost my ass! Damn my Deeter ways!
by wheaty August 31, 2007
Better way to say nasty. Implies something with a high gag-o-magnifier quotient.

Also 'nastorious to the asorious' which is as bad as it gets.
Uh, that eyeball-intensive seafood is nastorious!
by wheaty June 2, 2005
A device that allows people to communicate out loud with imaginary friends, foes, complaint hot lines, etc, while in public places. Commonly used on public transport.
Sam: That bloke was jabbering away, but had no phone.

Saul: He was using his imaginary bluetooth.
by wheaty August 6, 2008