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Ford Fiesta is a car made by Ford that is superior to other cars. (Especially BMW!)
Ford Fiesta is the best man!
by SpeedyPie July 23, 2016
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Car that everyone has driven, just like the slag that everyone has slept with.
Gray: Make a fuck up last night man.
Chris: Why, what you done now?
Gray: Ended up driving a Ford Fiesta!
Chris: You gimp!
by Yiddogray November 19, 2007
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An ugly hatchback made by Ford and bought by losers who think they're the next Ken Block or Tanner Faust. This hatchback can mostly be seen driven around by uneducated rednecks who try to drift a FWD system in an empty parking lot (the lot was evacuated at the sight of this vehicle). People often act surprised when they go on the back country roads and their wheels fall off at 5 mph in this vehicle. Nobody is sure why, they saw rally drivers do it on TV, so why can't they?
Person 1: Yo did you see Ken Block drift that Ford Fiesta around that track?
Person 2: Yeah that was pretty sweet
Person 1: I bet I can do the same thing, watch this *dips around corner at 10 mph and makes a weird squealing noise*
Person 1: That was so easy, watching Ken Block has taught me a lot, I think I'll stop by the shop today and grab a spoiler to increase my drift radius
Person 2: Yeah you do that...
by DiggyDigger69 May 14, 2016
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