You see the new diseased video?
Yeah, what bitch picks up her phone in the middle of giving head?
by iraqigangsta March 13, 2008
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A term used to describe something amazing or awesome; used as a substitute for the surfer dude slang sick, or the hood slang ill.
Substitue for ill-

Gangsta: Yo, dat shit is diseased!

Substitute for sick-

Surfer Dude: Hey man, that was wicked diseased!
by Alien From a Distant Planet November 21, 2007
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an annoying person; someone who wont leave you alone; a "stalker-like" friend.
She was a total disease... she even followed me into the bathroom!
by wise_one__aka_sara May 11, 2005
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The natural, phenotypic expression of a pathogenic cellular alteration--caused by complex social, political, economic, and environmental processes.
Although the disease cancer did not begin with the industrial revolution, it is now a major component of it because one of the most profound consequences of the event was an increase in average life expectancy particularly for those of us who live in the so-called industrialized world. Cancer needs time to develop. Another consequence, of course, has been an increase in environmental toxins as a result of our economic activity. Cancer is stimulated, biochemically, by carcinogens like those found in pesticides.
by aaaranda420 October 7, 2012
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Disease, can mean talent, looks or moves, diseased can mean hip, cool, groovy, hot, perfect, lovely, pretty, awesome.
Snake: "Check out that chick's disease Shovel"
Shovel: "Woah I wouldn't mind catching some of that!"
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Disease, one that melts the bone or weakens it. Sure to be named in the future. Revoked from the ancient. Does it spread?
The Disease started spreading.
by dujannn December 8, 2022
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