A word that teens use when referring to an inatimate object, someone, or someones features not being to their standards. This word is usually associated with disgust and is said in a repugnant tone.
prep1: omg this bus is hell scabby.
2prep: omg i like SO know!
prep1: lets go take the less scabby bus over there with our hot jock, daniel
prep2. omg like totally!
by cassie December 5, 2004
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someone who is gross, bundy, bogan, doesnt care
charlie is looking super scabby today
by scabbybitch101 June 27, 2019
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One who is scabbed over. Has a thrill for blood. Accessorises with hematomas and lacerations. Carries a gym bag at all times. Wears sock with sandals.
Did you see the scabby shoes he was wearing with that scab? He's such a "rolan".
by CarrieLSD September 26, 2008
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