Archaic for "A cat or other member of the cat family". Nowadays, we just refer to any member of the cat family as a cat. In particular, species of the cat family that are (much) larger than a house cat are referred as "big cats".
Today's Standards: Lions are big cats.

Proper Standards: No, they're felines. Who the hell came up with "big cats", a 3-year-old?

Today's Standards: Nope! We brought "feline" into disuse a long long time ago!
by EpicScientician September 26, 2021
Go see cat.
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by GWR Definition Agency January 3, 2005
the feline (snugglepuss maximus) enjoys snuggles with humoms, scritches and eating noms
by Queen Buttrix October 16, 2021
some bullshit your doctor tell you why he's charging you so much.
dont hand me some crap about how the cost of tounge depressors has gone up, thats just a feline.
by amboj December 29, 2004
Ultra-Sexy Hot Feminine woman with a stunning body, gorgeous bone structure in her beautiful face, smooth glowing complexion, Always with up-to-the-minute totally fresh and stylish Fashion sense galore!
Femme, Stylish Chick, Hawt , Fresh Feminine Female, "OMG! the club was chock full o' sexy Felines galore!!!"
by Jagruti February 15, 2009
Felining is when you are having sex with your girlfriend and she purrs like a cat.
Alvin: Man I was havin sex with my girlfriend last night and she was purring like a cat

Theodore: oh man she was felining

Simon: oh yeah purr purr dogging catting cleaveland steamer
by Lipstick poodle October 24, 2013
The mannerisms and characteristics that a specific cat exhibits, defining them uniquely
The felinality of my cat, Bodhi, is one of bold inquisitiveness and friendly interaction
by DAKster April 25, 2020