curiosity; the degree to which a person or animal wants to learn new things.
Her inquisitiveness led to some seriously kinky (and dangerous!) sex.
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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His inquisitiveness greatly surpasses mine!
by Berticus November 4, 2003
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Your bitch-ass Parents.

Maybe you're in the middle of making your bed, cleaning your room or some other dumb shit that your parents constantly force down your throat, and you're feeling a bit bored. What's the logical solution? PROCRASTINATE. So, you're browsing memes and all around feeling happy, when out of the blue, The Inquisition knocks on your door. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Hide your beloved procrastination under something, they'll hear it. (even if they're going deaf. Seriously, how can someone be deaf and hear quiet shit like that?) Also applies to your Search History.
Last night I was minding my own business browsing reddit and The Inquisition came and fuckin' stole my laptop!

Fuck The Inquisition.

The Inquisition should mind their own business, I know I do.
by Peanut Butter & Bukkake June 2, 2019
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The contemporary version of a 16th or 17th Century witch hunt. The art of chasing down goths, Wiccans, and/or emos, and beating them mercilessly. Inquisitions are usually undertaken by those who are sick of their "witch shit." Proper garb for a true member of the inquisition is an all black or crimson robe adorned with a cross to drive the heathens away and preventing retaliation. Inquisitors also frequently carry bats, crossbows and sledgehammers to hunt down their quasi undead, soon to be dead prey.
Tonight I am organizing an inquisition, we are going to raid the cafe and the indie bookstore up the street.
by Curtis Lemar April 22, 2010
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A small design co., but also a dream, a family, giving it their all with everything they do. Compassion, Capability, Passion, Inspiration.

"Eager to acquire the knowledge of not only the heights of our own creativity but the open minds of which to stretch creativity as a whole. In hopes of not breaking but opening the simple minds of others and sharing our knowledge of creativity through passion and capability."

Something that has started as a dream from those that want to define meaning in the knowledge of creativity on display. With Compassion, Capability, Passion, Inspiration. After all We The new Cool Kids. Be Inquisitive.
Person A: Damn them kids they a bunch of legit mofuggahs!

Person B: Yeah, they fucking Inquisitive man. Ill-matic at its best.
by legit mofuggahs May 9, 2009
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You ever wanted to suck cum out of a taco? Who's gonna expect cum in a taco?
That's the Inquisition
by Shwubblz, the Dictionary man October 12, 2019
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Inquiring, questioning or asking for answers with genuine interest.
On inquisiting my Chef friend he gave me the recipe for this amazing chicken satay that he served us at last night's dinner.
by Skeillte April 10, 2016
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