A response to an unfair or frustrating situation. Related to bullshit.
"Shit dude, my parents just told me I can't have the car tonight."
"Man, that's some bullshit."

"Jeez! I just cannot believe that the Ticketmaster service charge is more than the price of this ticket!"
"Yep. That is some bullshit."

"Irony is like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife..."
"Not exactly. More accurately, that is some bullshit."
by popesicle January 2, 2009
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Even though it will obvious to all parties present that there is a high degree of bullshitness occurring. It is often a human need that the party who is receiving the brunt of the bullshit will exclaim and reinforce to everyone that "this is some bullshit".
Johnny: Remember when I said I was only ten minutes away from picking you up? Well i'm more like 3 hours away.

Timmy: Man, this is some bullshit.
by foomanfish February 21, 2010
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What you say to or about a person who is talking crazy or about doing something foolish.
Hey bro, you need to talk to your cousin cause he's on some bullshit that's gonna get him killed.

Genelle is on some bullshit if she thinks that I'm going to pawn my car title to help bail her loser boyfriend out jail.
by Mackendeez April 18, 2018
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A common phrase used widely amongst the working class citizens of America. Verbal and non-verbal. Mininum 4-5 days a week.
"This is some bullshit" regional variations include:
1.Thisis sum booshit.
2. This here som boshit.
3. Thisizm bullshit
goes on and on..
by CaliBuns February 14, 2011
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To think up a lie, normally to tell to your parents, friends, teachers, or anyone you need to lie to.
John- did you hear billy fucked a hooker?
Eric- No way, he's cooking up some bullshit
by Stauder August 31, 2008
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A phrase to refer to the overly pretentious atmosphere of art-scene occupied overpiced coffee houses. The reason a cup of coffee at Starbucks cost so much.
Well you know it's "Five bucks for some coffee and some bullshit".
by The UweBolla Virus March 1, 2006
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