89 definitions by Queen Buttrix

Follow your leader, with that leader being Adolf Hitler. In other words, kill yourself.
"Gee it sure seems like no one is allowed to have opinions about the Jews here, huh"
"FYL Nazi"
by Queen Buttrix March 22, 2022
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CEO of Antifa i guess i dunno i dont watch much FOX
by Queen Buttrix February 23, 2021
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A way of saying "smoke pot", derived from a literal translation of the French phrase "fumer de l'herbe."
Would you like to smoke of the grass?
by Queen Buttrix November 21, 2021
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Phonetic spelling of "did you", which is, in fact, almost never pronounced "properly"
by Queen Buttrix June 15, 2021
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the feline (snugglepuss maximus) enjoys snuggles with humoms, scritches and eating noms
by Queen Buttrix October 16, 2021
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An enormous polycule with tons of members and that stretches across the inhabited world.
My research suggests that all trans lesbians are in the same superpolycule
by Queen Buttrix February 16, 2021
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1. A gay person who was psychologically abused into denying their sexuality

2. A grifter trying to make headlines
1. I feel really sorry for my old friend; he went to conversion therapy and now claims to be an ex-gay.

2. Oh look it's that grifter pedophile right-wing shithead claiming he's an ex-gay
by Queen Buttrix March 10, 2021
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