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From the Irish language "Go Lór" meaning 'a lot of' or 'many'.
There was booze galore at the party.
by Bekerro November 13, 2006
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At Suzies birthday party there was Candy , Hotdogs and Icecream Galore
by Jellyphant July 29, 2003
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Too much of something. Often used as an exemplifier to increase meaning of the word before it.
Oh Goodness, that is ridiculous galores.
I went shopping galores yesterday and now I'm broke.
I went shopping yesterday and now I'm broke galores.
by Psydekick October 03, 2010
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NZ slang, used in gay circles, meaning that something is really really good. Used instead of saying awesome or good.
Mike: did you enjoy yesterday?
Joe: yea man, it was like, galore.
by RobP26 December 26, 2007
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Galore is used kinda like saying honest to god but shorter if someone says galore but lies they will get a 8 second beat down in there arm
:shane :Yo bro I just got a girls number :mark say galore :shane galore lol I joke :mark you said galore so that's a 8 second beat down next time don't lie .
by Ksavfrmda6 June 18, 2018
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"galore": the reclaimed, recyclable remains, buried for eons, of women.
I' unearthed a prehistoric definition of "galore".
by Obsopete December 02, 2019
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