Usually a male who likes to encourage weight gain in his partner through the consumption of food. Feeders differ from FAs... whilst an FA is attracted to big girls, a feeder gets turned on by making a thin girl fat....or a big girl even bigger.
by therealrichieedwards December 11, 2004
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A gay man who ejaculates into the mouth of his partner, expecting him to swallow the semen.
Joe is a feeder, John is an eater.
by John in Syr May 5, 2007
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In a fellatio, this is the man who plays the passivele, that is, the sucked one.
The only thing Céline was interested was finding a feeder urgently.
by Tiago Zuhr July 24, 2008
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The word originated in DotA (Warcraft III map) where n00bs that were too retarded died so many times that they 'fed' the opposing team with money and experience, thus ruining the game because they refused to quit.
OMFG u fucking feeder!
Kick vpr he's a feeder
If it wasn't for that stupid feeder, we would have won.
by December 12, 2006
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A term usually used in Houston, Texas and the surrounding metroplitan area. A feeder is a road that runs alongside an interstate, or major freeway. In other areas it is known as an access road.
After exiting Intersate 610, drive down the feeder and take the first right.
by T-Dog Fitz January 30, 2006
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brilliant rock band even with the death of john lee. anyone who calls them pop is a) a scally or b) a person with no taste in music.
wow man feeder r great, but i'm glad they moshed on that scally
by insitiona December 8, 2003
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the greatest band to walk the world and rulers of humanaty, before jon death, and still now they rule...
by Phill Stone January 16, 2004
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