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A Fat Admirer, or a guy with a preference towards big girls BBWs. And yes, they do exist, and no, a FA is not the same as a feeder. Contrary to popular belief, Fat Admiration is not a fetish, it's no different to a preference for redheads or short girls.
Katie was always miserable in relationships till she met Tommy. He's a true FA and loves her big sexy body!
by therealrichieedwards February 9, 2005
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Super-Size Big Beautiful Woman.

A BBW who is particularly large, more so than a regular BBW. Depending on who you ask, a SSBBW is one who weighs 250 pounds plus, or is more than an XXL.
Amy's a member of the 500+ club, so she's a SSBBW.
by therealrichieedwards November 2, 2004
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In 2032, the only restaurant chain to survive the franchise wars.
Oh shit, im really gonna need those three sea shells.
by therealrichieedwards November 9, 2004
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Nondescript post-industrial redbrick town in the Midlands (UK), good football team, top countryside nearby. About 20 minutes from Birmingham which actually has cinemas, shops and good places to get pissed. Lots of skaters / alternative people & almost as many charvas to grief them relentlessley. Rotting factories & concrete 1960s shopping centers and tower blocks everywhere but hell, i still love it!
+'There's nothing to do in Kidderminster except go out and get wasted.'

-'Shall we go to Birmingham, go out & get wasted then?'

by therealrichieedwards May 1, 2004
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An insult, meaning 'fuck off'; from the British film "The Football Factory"

One of those great, frequently relevant one-liners. Now hijacked by chavs, making it sound less impressive than when it was only quoted by those who'd actually seen the movie.
"Jog on you muggy little cunt!"
by therealrichieedwards January 3, 2006
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All back to mine!
Post clubbing / party piss-up at a separate location, but involving at least some of those involved in the initial party.
All back to mine for the afterparty!?!
by therealrichieedwards June 2, 2004
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1/. a girl, chick, woman, female

2/. (UK) a stint of time in a correctional facility (jug). Originally used by Sixties Cockney gangsters and Eastenders types.
1/. 'Is that Dave's new bird? Man she's mingin!'

2/. 'Keep yer head down - I ain't doing bird for you'
by therealrichieedwards May 1, 2004
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