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from the term "mashed", meaning very drunk...the "a" is held long giving it an "o" sound
I just drank a 26er of Weisers, I am Moshed
You must be moshed, you cant even walk
...but moshed are you though ?
by Tyler Silva October 19, 2006
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Moshed is generaly used in sentences to describe a person as dirty or roughed up. Can also be used to roast an ugly person. lol
"Yeo did you see jacob"
"Nah why"
"Bro he got MOSHED UP in that fight fam"
by vsway25 May 22, 2019
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a term used to describe when one gets unfortunately and uncontrollably cornered/guilted by one's athletic coach into having to doing him/her a favour of some description
E.g. I feel horrible for Will, he really got "Moshed"

E.g. "You have to get the vans today? You got Moshed!!"
by Mad Deluxe April 26, 2011
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