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Its not easy to perform a fecality.
by Effed November 07, 2003
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Erroneous statement indicating a misconception borne of ignorance or naivety. Synonymous with "fallacy" (though must be stated) and derived in part from the adjective "fecal." In the cherished tradition of equating unlikely notions with fecal matter and/or the act of defecation.
"Fecalities we're abundant in today's session of parliament, the most heinous fecality coming from the Prime Minister."
by SoundAvarice July 19, 2009
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A traumatic event or negative consequence stemming from someone doing something wrong or stupid.

A negative consequence of a stupid action.

See also fecalities.
We've got a serious fecality on our hands...Joe just accidentally deleted our corporate database!

Oh shit, I was texting while driving and wrecked the car! What a fecality!

The Customer Service department must reduce the fecality ratio this quarter.
by spicy lengua July 23, 2009
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A series or chain of negative consequences stemming from a stupid action.

A series of fucked up events.

The shit that happens after you do something stupid.
Ever since the new manager was hired, we've been suffering from a number of fecalities.

Got caught stealing money. Lost my job. Lost my car. Lost my girlfriend. Lost my dog. Flat broke, fat and balding. Came down with E.D. No internet access. Man, why do I have so many fecalities?
by spicy lengua July 23, 2009
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