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An awkard situation that surrounds the conversation of a cock.
Nat grabs Brent in the nether regions.

Reid in an unrelated response shouts "Me too" referring to wanting coffee directly following the previous grab.

Brent turns to Reid and says "You want to grab my cock too? That's cockward!"
by brentionary January 26, 2011
A victim of the dick; typically caused by a dick that is too large or too small.
1. "Damn girl, I can barely walk today, I was a dictim of a guy that had a 12" cock. He ripped me a new hole!"
2. "Shut up ho! You're lucky! I was a dictim as well but only because I couldn't even feel the guy's dick enter me, it was 3" long and 2" of it was foreskin!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009
The ability for a person to provide handjobs of similar quality regardless of the hand that they use.
Unfortunately Chantale broke her writing hand in a car accident. Luckily for her boyfriend Jeff, she is ambidickstrious and is able to perform handjobs of similar quality with either hand. Had Jeff been the one to have broken his writing hand, he would have had to suffer the consequences of being unable to masturbate effectively for several months.
by brentionary August 6, 2013
when a woman has four penises (or dildos) inserted into any one of her orifices making the shape of a 4 leaf clover. Note: this requires the use of a small and very tight hole so that there is tension against the penises (or dildos) or the hole will tend to be shaped more like a square (commonly referred to as "square dancing" with a female)
Her asshole was so tight that it took us a long time to get all 4 cocks inside her, but when we did we were rewarded by the beautiful tight pucker of her four leaf clover.
by brentionary August 15, 2014
"I was so angry at that asshole that I decided to fecalize his house!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009
The act of receiving feces from an anus with only the use of one's mouth and then subsequently while the mouth is full performing felatio until orgasm.
"That chick was totally freaky. Not only did she start rimming me but she demanded I shit in her mouth and then she performed fecalatio on me!"
by brentionary March 25, 2009
The act of a twat taking a piddle (more commonly referred to as a female urinating)
"I couldn't hold it anymore! We stopped the car so I could twittle!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009