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v.i - to vacillate between options to the point of extreme frustration of innocent bystanders.
"Because I kept farving over whether to get the soup or the salad, the waitress threw her order pad at me, broke down and wept, and left the restaurant."

"If you farve too long over whether to propose to your girlfriend, she'll leave you, even though she loves you."
by koo-tay August 18, 2009
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to give something up, that you really have no intention of actually giving up.

(361): I'm retiring my vagina. Better yet I'm Farve-ing it.
(1-361): Def the best call fo sho
(361): That way it can come out of retirement anytime and play for different teams. And it can wear Wranglers.
by Farve September 02, 2009
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A long lasting and/or lingering fart resulting from the consumption of German food and/or from a German person. It is in reference to Brett Farve's long-standing career and when possible, to be spoken in a German/Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.
OMG, light a match! That Farve smells so bad and won't stop lingering.
by Dani doesn't like sports December 21, 2010
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