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going fucking nuts, owning the moment, getting lit, doing it like a boss, and/or raging while doing whatever it is you’re currently doing
CHARLES: come to the beach dude, it’s wild. we’re fcuking sending it out of the park.

RORY: i’m gonna go to the bar instead.

CHARLES: kendrick just caught a shark w/ his barehands & larissa just stole a boat so she’d have somewhere to smoke blunts topless like riahanna.

RORY: holy shit you guys ARE sending it hard. i’ll head over now
by idtst June 02, 2018
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Verb: To hit the town a, party, or just generally go wild in an uncontrolled manner. Usually with chemical assistance.
You guys sending it tonight?

Ben and Ruby got so sent last night.
by benleeboy December 11, 2018
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1. To have something go or be taken in a particular direction.
2. Larry Enticer making snowmobile jump.
3. Drinking many alcoholic beverages in a rapid succession.
Ben was sending it Friday night.
Larry is still gonna send it
by Jacob Ardown June 25, 2017
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