Adjective; a web site made unavailable by posting the link on and thereby directing massive amounts of traffic to said web site. See also wanged and slashdotted.
Dude, our server is totally farked!
by David October 30, 2003
When a site is not able to be access because it has had too many hits after being posted on the news site Fark.
"OMG, that site's Farked!!"
"Anyone got a Google cache?? It's Farked!"
by pummer January 17, 2003
Farked is another term for slashdotted.

A site is slashdotted when it is slammed by the Slashdot Effect.
My website got farked. Took the server down.
by April 5, 2005
1. To be so mind-blowingly, ridiculously, shamefully drunk you don't even have the dignity to remove your head from the toilet bowl when your RA walks into the bathroom.

2. When your BAC is higher than your BMI.

Origin: possibly a contraction of barf and fuck.
Dude 1: Oh man, I gave a blowjob to my little sister's goldfish last night! Was I farked?

Dude 2: No way man, you would KNOW if you had been farked! Plus you wouldn't be able to remember anything.
by wallofshame January 27, 2011
When a specific motive or process within the confines of the internet is absolutely taken over by users of the website
(Some Guy) |ASININE| This contest is stupid, click here and make it cool. (343)
by brokendrew May 4, 2003
A website that becomes unreachable after getting mass amounts of traffic by being mentioned somewhere else. Used much like Slashdotted except it refers to the news site
My web server went down. Why? It was farked pretty heavily
by FinalPhoenix September 24, 2003
1) To rework a photo with an editing program such as Photoshop and then to post it on the web, mainly to

2) Sexual relations

3) Wasting time on Fark
"Contest is open only to entries of actual, unaltered screenshots with no additional editing (including, but not limited to, Photoshopping, "FARKing" and/or other form of digital enhancement...) --Everquest II rules

"I was farking my lover before realizing I should have been at work."

"I spent all day farking on the internet."
by Lace Valentine January 28, 2005