Where temporary files are stored on a computer.
She found out about the porn. I should have cleared my cache!
by anonymous May 6, 2005
The name for a hidden container (or even a place) used in the hobby of geocaching
With GPS device in hand, we went searching for the cache
by Julie Prince July 10, 2005
Fresh. for something to look fly or cool
Pronounced- ka chey
Yo ese tigre ta cache
by Neptune Sk8 June 1, 2009
When you are done smoking marijuana and only ashes are left.
Damn, we smoked this entire bowl, as cached to shit.
by K. Diggity September 16, 2003
Found the cache under a log near the path, in a beautiful, forested location
by Mark Luscher June 3, 2005
looking good, cute, fresh, sexy, or attractive
Hey, you are looking very cache today. 😚
You are the cachiest. 😉
1, verb,To cache ones joint: To extinguish or dispose of one's joint-end / roach. 2 noun, Cache: The remain's of a joint after it has been smoked.
1: Cache this joint will you, i'm smoking roach. 2: This joint is cache.
by Uncle Pete May 21, 2005