Flash and Mongo settled for playing fantasy football after their lucrative career in the HSFL (See High School Football League).
by BaldBull September 10, 2007
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A game for grown men that makes them regress back to childhood wherein they will turn on their best friends, argue to the death about anything, and become lifeless shells of their former selves.
Rick: You hear Tim got divorced, lost his house, and got committed?

Rod: Fantasy Football dude ..... Fantasy Football
by JSchlong October 1, 2010
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Three hilarious friends named Andy, Mike, and Jason who host the largest fantasy football podcast. They often have terribly bad fantasy football takes, but they make up for it with Andy's corny jokes, Mike's hyena laugh, and Jason's dry sarcasm. If you ever get to visit their studio in person you might see Brooks' $100,000 Rolex or Jason's 100 signed Kerryon Johnson jerseys. Legend has it that their producer Brooks bought the Footballers first 5,000 podcast subscribers for $10 each, but had to get a refund when the fake followers company accidentally charged Brook's card $10 million, which did not affect his net worth in the slightest, although he still wanted it back to buy his new state of the art ballet studio.

Fans of the Fantasy Footballers are known as the Footclan. Footclan members generally overhype every player the Footballers even mention, such as pushing Clyde Edwards-Helaire into the top 5 ADP in his rookie season or refusing to trade Kerryon Johnson for Patrick Mahomes in dynasty. The average Footclan member is bald, overweight, has a beard, and likes country music - in other words, Jason.
Idiot 1: Did you hear the latest episode of the Fantasy Footballers?
Idiot 2: Yeah man! I'm gonna draft Antonio Gibson at the 1.01 now!
Idiot 1: Same dude! Where's the nearest Little Ceasar's? *turns on country music*
by fantasysimp April 8, 2021
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Football is where two groups of men fight each other to force an 11" leather object into each other's end zone; fantasy football is for people who like to fantasize about it.
Tim: Hey, mate. Do you want to play football this season?
Phil: Nah, bro, I'm going to play fantasy football instead. I still haven't recovered from the pounding I took last season.
by Lebanation May 22, 2016
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A game that will drive you completely insane.
Turned me into a Cleveland Brown's fan.
Made me cheer for kickers.
Makes me spend 9 hours on NFL.com's Gamecast every Sunday
The reason the NFL is the number one sport in this country.
"Man I really want the Colts win today but I hope Peyton throws like 4 interceptions."

"Alright, so Torry Holt just caught a 60-yard touchdown, there's 10 points, but I have to deduct 4 from that because he scored against my defense and then deduct one more point because the guy I'm playing has Jeff Wilkins."

"Screw Fantasy Football, I'm not playing next year."
by Sciacca December 16, 2007
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Football for people who are too old to play.
Damn i'm tired from walking a few steps. I know, I'll go play "FANTASY FOOTBALL"
by MonsieurSchnitzelKrump October 2, 2008
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