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The act of hunting for sluts for one night stands. Shlunting is usually performed in dark, loud, crowded bars that play the kind of terrible music that guys will only tolerate because it attracts sluts.
Jacques: What are you doing tonight?
Pete: I'm going shlunting at Infernos.
Jacques: On a Tuesday?
Pete: Yeah, bro. Shlunting is my life.
by Lebanation April 06, 2014

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Football is where two groups of men fight each other to force an 11" leather object into each other's end zone; fantasy football is for people who like to fantasize about it.
Tim: Hey, mate. Do you want to play football this season?
Phil: Nah, bro, I'm going to play fantasy football instead. I still haven't recovered from the pounding I took last season.
by Lebanation May 22, 2016

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