To imagine sexual things about someone. The fantasy is usually as detailed as possible.
I can't help but fantasize about Jeanie! She's just so hard!
by so pro February 7, 2011

an extreme belief in an imagined reality marked with obsessive compulsive behavior
"Her fantaseal , that the son of another woman, was her son, led to her kidnapping him, making claims that she is the mother, and engaging in repeated tactics to assert the fantaseal, as well as to keep the child and actual mother apart."
by JawaBoo November 20, 2011
The geysers, mud pots, mineral pools, etc. at Yellowstone are truly fantasicating!
by Brubaker August 8, 2003
obsessing about a facebook "friend", when in reality the other person is way out of your league and usually happily married.
Lisa: Yea, David wrote this really weird, intimate post on my facebook wall...he barely even knows me!!

Miss: ugh..he's totally facebook fantasizing about you...
by bigmissy April 16, 2010
Urination fantasization is the fantasy of pee and being pee’d on. It is basically a fetish of pee/urine.
Kim: Pee on these nice big tits daddy
Joe: Alright babe! *pees on Kim*
Kim: Ahh yes! I love it!
Narrator: This is,
Urination Fantasization
by Sir Chicken December 30, 2020
It is when your doing a girl in the butt and right before you blow your load, you yell "ITS CLUBBERING TIME!" and punch her in the back alot.
"Oh My God That Night, I Gave That Bitch The Fantasic Four"
by koochiemanne December 8, 2006