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A migraine is basically a headache on steroids. Migraines are caused from swellings of veins in the brain. It's probably one of the worst feelings ever. It can range from a pain in one side of a head to all over. Imagine a hammer constantly being slammed into your head over and over and over. The constant pulsing of pain. It will disable you're daily routine.

You also become sensitive to light and sound and feel like you're gonna puke. Even the slightest light is irritating. The best thing to do is just sit in a dark quiet room and fall asleep. Don't take pills because you will just throw them up. Most of the time a good sleep will get rid of the pain.

Most people experience one migraine per lifetime. But obviously it varies per person.
1.) I used to have migraines all the time in my early teen years. I had to be hospitalized once. It sucked so much. Thank god I outgrew them.

2.) "I have a migraine, fuck off."

3.) Like I said earlier, it is probably the most painful thing ever to experience.
by aldwardo November 21, 2006
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An excellent metal band out of Seattle, WA. It's pretty hard to give them a genre but honestly who cares? If anything they are power/thrash.

They have a very unique sound thanks to the vocalist, Warren Dane. He doesn't scream at the top of his lungs and can display a wide range of the vocal spectrum. Each album sounds uniquely different but still kicks ass at the same time. Combine the vocalist with Jeff Loomis seven string guitar to make a unique band. Unfortunately, Nevermore has had bad luck in the past with health problems in the past and present.
by aldwardo November 1, 2006
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A relatively unknown but talented actor. His most famous role is Assistant Director Walter Skinner on the The X-Files. Most of his roles include playing some type of law enforcement officer. I think he is the best character on The X-Files.
by aldwardo October 28, 2006
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The most annoying women on the face of the earth only rivaling Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Degeneres, and Rosie O' Donnell. She's not funny and her career sucks. People like her and Jenny Jones are the reason there is war in the middle east.

She also looks like a tranny on crack.
Kathy Griffin sucks and I want to nail her to the fucking cross.
by aldwardo January 26, 2007
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After reading the first few definitions,(most likely written by pedophiles) I'm a little shocked at why people would try to defend these sick beings. I don't care if a pedophile would defend a child for "love." NOBODY has the right to take advantage of a child like that. NOBODY. Imagine what a child like that would be growing up? She/he would have no sexual morals and probably becoming a some sort of a sexual predator themselves.

People state that pedos don't hurt children, only child molesters do, that's fucking bullshit. "Love" is the first criteria, I can't believe that somewhat would write that If a pedo knew what true pain was then they would know that is the most disgusting act to ever peform on a child.

Oh yea and whoever diagnosod these sick and heinous people with a "mental disorder," is probably one themselves. Pull your head out of your ass people, it's a sick fucking fetish, acted out by vile human beings who cannot tell right from wrong.

Sure we all have fetishes, some may be even a little twisted, that still doesn't give you the right to act out on them. Learn to control yourselves.
My cousin was a victim of pedophilia(the man took pictures of her to put on the internet for a kiddie porn site, some love huh?), she has to go to therapy 3 times a week ever since she was 12. She has a lot of social problems and is constantly paranoid women because of what happened. She refuses to let anyone close to her, she doesn't like to be out in public alone and she hates anything related to sex.

It's fortunate my aunt found out early about this sick act, it could've been a lot worse on her. Fuck pedophiles.
by aldwardo November 25, 2006
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If you can ignore all the shitty spin-off games and marketing behind the series, it's still one of the best RPGs around.
I'm 20 and I still love all the pokemon games(I'm talking about the traditional handheld ones, not the stupid spin-offs). Red and Blue will always have a place in my heart.

I plan on getting the new one for DS.
by aldwardo February 14, 2007
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The stupidest, most nonsensical "theory" ever. If it's a joke it isn't funny.

"Anything that can go wrong, will." What the fuck does that mean? I mean I wake up every morning and drive to work in my piece of shit car. I haven't gotten into an accident and my car has never broke down. There you have it I beat the stupid theory.

One of the most common examples that I hear is when stuck in traffic the other lanes around you will move faster than the lane you're in. What? What about the people in the other lanes, why doesn't this bullshit law apply to them? I could name some more examples but frankly it isn't worth it.
by aldwardo November 2, 2006
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