The quarter back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Some people compare this specimen to god. Also know for having a very strong arm. This nigga also sounds like Kermit the frog.
Dude1: Yoooo I just saw Patrick Mahomes!
Dude2: Dont you mean GOD...
Dude1: Totaly Dude
Dude2: Dude
Dude1: Dude
by Mr.dudewitadude,Dude January 24, 2019
The quarterback for the Kc chiefs, also known as the nigga that sounds like Elmo.
Patrick mahomes uncle Tom ass sounds like Elmo
by Jjanman12 October 8, 2018
When you are playing football and are about to or are in the process of getting sacked ( probably because your o-line is ass) and you still make a complete pass.
I told that boy say the Patrick Mahomes prayer and chuck the ball and hope it lands and we won 67 to 21
by The joker of Philosophy April 25, 2022