COMS COMS COMS: used for yelling at your teammates in video games or the hood. Meaning you need communication or callouts.
Example one: little kid says “COMS COMS COMS” for callouts
Example two: “ayo Ty gimme some coms imma go spin on em Zergnuts”
Example three: you don’t have have good headphones
by Rxflt February 2, 2022
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Short for "community." Com refers to communities that revolve around cyber crime and doxxing. Coms are typically comprised of teenagers from the age ranges of 14-17 who rather scam, sim swap, fraud, and engage in destructive behaviors instead of getting a real job or skill. They are primarily made up of script kiddies, and aggregate on games like roblox, minecraft, and vrchat because real life socialization is scary. About 1% of them have actual coding experience. Their fates are to either eventually get a real job or to be caught by law enforcement.
"Yo, is that a comkid?"

"Yea he spends his life on discord and doxbin 24/7."
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Created by Mike Spirito and Kyle Clemency at Rowan University to Replace thats what she said
Guy A: "I dont know how i fit all of that in my mouth"

by Buck the Duck March 30, 2009
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it means COMMERCIAL not dot computer.
by Sara February 18, 2005
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A common misspelling of a word that seems so easy to spell that it hurts your brain when it's actually misspelled in this fashion. Even if you sounded out the word "coming" phonetically, to try and spell it, you would not get anything resembling "comming."

Can be found most often on internet message boards and "Comments" sections.
People's obsessions with improper spelling are comming to an apocalyptic climax.
by TheBroiler December 22, 2009
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(daht - cahm) word tag - a word tag used to indicate strong emphasis on a word or phrase with which it is used
John: Let's go to a party tonight.
by deanicholas October 18, 2010
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