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A game that will drive you completely insane.
Turned me into a Cleveland Brown's fan.
Made me cheer for kickers.
Makes me spend 9 hours on NFL.com's Gamecast every Sunday
The reason the NFL is the number one sport in this country.
"Man I really want the Colts win today but I hope Peyton throws like 4 interceptions."

"Alright, so Torry Holt just caught a 60-yard touchdown, there's 10 points, but I have to deduct 4 from that because he scored against my defense and then deduct one more point because the guy I'm playing has Jeff Wilkins."

"Screw Fantasy Football, I'm not playing next year."
by Sciacca December 15, 2007

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the act of finishing your magic load in the ear of your partner
i decided to slawski to her and she didnt call back
by sciacca March 07, 2014

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