A very sexy good looking guy who’s you should be afraid to lose, always up to try new things, and always is very much loved by his peers,family around the clock and ain’t no b###h.
I want to be a Wilkins soooo bad, he’s sooo funny.
by Spreading Facts March 28, 2019
Male reproductive organ that includes the shaft, tip, and base of the penis.
When two people get together a fluid comes out of the mans wilkins and it goes into the womans pussie.
To treat someone nicely while secretly screwing them over.
The employees in that store were so nice but they gave me the wrong item. They pulled a Wilkins on me.
by Smackdown August 22, 2014
A young black soul trapped in the body of a white man.
Faces oppression and rejection amongst his white peers and yet isn't accepted by his black brothers.
'Man, look at that poor wilkin!'
by Wranslayer August 27, 2007
I saw it from an angle, he tried to touch that little boy's wilkins!
by Gardias May 30, 2006
ob·nox·ious person
Someone who at times can be very annoying
abhorrent, abominable, annoying, awful, beastly, big mouth, bitchy
Yo that nigga is a wilkin
by Jorge Espejo February 28, 2005