A sport played in high school that is way overrated its importance. The majority of the team is filled with bros and/or douches, many of whom use steroids to get an edge on the other teams and permanently fuck up their development. Very little of the team is composed of actual athletes who respect their rivals and play fair, and they are often thrown into the "jock" stereotype with the other players.
High school football player 1: "Hey brah check it out I scored some steroids. Let's take them with reckless abandon!!!"

HSFP 2: "Fuck year, we're so much better than everyone else because we take roids and play a sport!"
by An()nymous October 19, 2009
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A football game played by high schoolers, but mainly a social event. 20% of people watch the game, and 80% talk and socialize majority of the game.
When all the highschoolers went to the High school football game,they new the game would actually be a social gathering.
by urbandictionaryknowitall October 23, 2011
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The high school football player is the epitome of awesomeness and swag all bottled into 1 walking shit for brains toolbag. In the high school food chain the football player is a cut above the rest when it comes to everything including raw athleticism, obvious swagger and straight-up toughness resulting in aquiring an abundance of girls who, by the laws of high school, are required to be with them. On the rare occurrance that said football player were team captain it emphasizes the previously stated attributes by nearly infinite. El Capitano is very aware of all of this and flaunts it harder than a $2 hooker on a saturday night at the club. Whether it is flooding social networking sites with pointless updates, wearing his jersey in a way similar to the way an SS officer wore his in the 1940s, and showing public displays of affection to his girl who really deserves someone much better, lets say for example the funny, sarcastic, intelligent, socially awkward, down-to-earth, alternate captain of the high school hockey team, who really understands her, the captain is a complete fuckface. But instead she is blinded by the astounding amount of toughness and idiocracy that he has to display to keep his high school reputation intact. However little does our self-centered wanna-be leader know that once he graduates high school he will count for nothing in society, most likely pump gas for a living, and can only think back on what a total dick and waste of life he was at 18 years old.
The high school footbal player runs his school.
Dude that high school football player is a complete fuck.
by the_next_big_thing October 27, 2011
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The best band to come out of Long Island mixing a blend of Rock Ska and Punk to create one of the most unique sounds out there today. Will one day take on their world with their amazing lyrics, infectious hooks, their rocking sound and killer live show.
Can be compared to Less Than Jake, Brand New, Rx Bandits to name a few.
by Johnson! May 7, 2005
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all it takes is a win against the worst team and they start carrying footballs around school to show off how average they are.
Player 1: check out my sweet mohawk, now people will think im good at sports

Player 2: nice, my girlfriends coming to the next game so i'm going to tell her that i sprained my ankle so she wont think im on the bench because i cant run a simple pattern

Player 3: go Northern High School Football!
by ilike2rock September 19, 2010
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A bunch of overrated man-hoes who joined because they are narcissistic fuck bois looking for attention.
They may try to be intimidating but they are all talk.
Bro 1:Dude have you seen the guys on the high school football team?
Bro 2:Yeah dude look at those guys they shouldn't be doing football!
Bro 1:They should go back to doing zumba with their moms!
by Chicken Wagon January 24, 2017
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Dogshit football team, home of the Manatee High school hurricanes.
Kev: Hey Jack, did you watch the Manatee High School Football Team game on Friday?

Jack: Yeah, they’re Dogshit. I’m pretty sure JV did better on Thursday.
by ManteeHigh September 22, 2021
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