"Hows about you fandangle an extra bowl of pudding for me?"

by Yank My Crank January 5, 2008
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1)A skateboard trick invented by Eric Koston which he does a nollie 180 one-fopted crooked grind.
2)To tickle a butthole from under her dress.
1)"Did you see Koston do the fandangle down that handrail?"
2)"Girls just love it when you give them the fandangle"
by John Hardy June 14, 2004
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To roughly slap something together.
organize in a cheap fashion, usually last minute
I am going to fandangle something for tonight.
by smartiepants101 June 8, 2009
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1. socializing with another at an inappropriate time

2. the presence of an object in which it interrupts the natural course of events of a situation
1. Jeff looked at Brandon in disgust and said "Stop fandangling with that ombudsman!"

2. Mom shook her finger at her son Jeff and said "I don't wan't you to leave your skateboard fandangling around here."
by Jeff March 13, 2004
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A form of prank where one takes one's backpack (or other form of bag) removes the contents, turns the bag inside out and places the contents back in the bag.
by Natalie Dynamite May 23, 2011
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A highly talented person within a group of people/crew.
I heard that kid from danger crew rap, he's a fandangle.
by a-ball February 6, 2004
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To throw around the idea of going to see a movie with someone, only to decide against it.
Dude, I wanted to see Superbad but Jenny just wanted to fandangle me.
by Engie January 2, 2008
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