In summation, simply "Murphy's Law".

Any of certain humorous axioms stating that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.
"Oh my god, its pouring outside"
"COURSE!....I just removed my umbrella from my backseat yesterday sat there for 2 months without any use!"
by reevstar March 24, 2016
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exagerated or excited agreement with what somebody has just said
comin out for a biff?
by tee August 14, 2005
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Used with a repeated 'o' sound to express extreme sarcasm or blatant disregard
Someone: Blah blah blah do this
by M:Dubs February 2, 2004
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Course means harsh, uncomforting often refering to something or someone that is unpleasant. Its most common use is in reference to violence or anger.
He carried on course. I will course you up. The weather out there is course. He is a course brother.
by Shion February 6, 2004
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Of course i've forgiven you, otherwise i wouldn't still be chatting to you.
by 20104u January 13, 2010
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The crawling of a student underneath all the desks in a classroom getting to the other side of the room, and back, without the teacher realising. Common during substitute teacher lessons and Chemistry
Oh kyle, i can't believe you completed the course while she was writing on the board

did you see jamie's lad socks as he crawled to complete the course?
by YarraCaptain2012 August 4, 2011
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1. (noun) The act of sneaking onto a golf course at night with a friend or partner and having sexual intercourse. It is viewed as a daredevil stunt that requires agility and skilled strategics: the performers attempt to get onto the green, have sexual relations, and get off without getting caught by anyone. Experienced performers try to do so while completely naked.

2. (noun) Less popular, having intercourse on a golf course and leaving the fluids from the act on the grass, as a prank.

Verb: to course, to go coursing.

Also: courser, one who goes coursing.
corgie, coursing involving many participants.
PGA tour coursers, a group of professional coursers that course on the holes of the PGA tour the night after each tournament.
courser caddie, someone who keeps watch while two or more people are coursing.
driver, a male courser with a muscular physicality and a large penis.
hole-in-one, a man masturbating on the green of a golf course and shooting his fluids into the hole.
1) Austin and I have been coursing recently to spice up our relationship a bit.

2) Some friends and I are gonna have a corgie at Principal Ritter's country club, are you in?
by Sly Gandalf January 2, 2013
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