to use the forearm or wrist as a sturdy fixture to rub one's clitoral area in achieving orgasm
yea, that wallace-grinnin chocolate lover, she handrails before going to sleep every night...
by hunnybunnork December 2, 2008
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An engorged, throbbing cock that has been slickered up with vaseline, KY, or other lubricant.
Jane was horned up and wanted a good pounding so she got the jar of bacon grease and grabbed her boyfriend's cock and gave him a Greasy Handrail. He pounded her for the next two hours.
by Eaton Holgoode July 4, 2009
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The process of reviving a hand job using icy hot as lube.
Lucy gave John a fucking Satan's Handrail last Monday.
by HurtRussLE9300 September 28, 2015
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The act of stretching a condom over the rim of a cup, and proceeding to have sex with it.
My girlfriend doesn't do it quite like a Dutch Handrail.
by zpa May 12, 2012
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