the new talib kweli is a party album but he's still backpack at heart.
by daniel December 2, 2004
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A form of hip-hop music that is socially conscious. Emphasis is placed upon the lyrics and beat production, usually inspired by the world around the producer/rapper. Few artists adopt the style for fear of being seen as nerdy, but it is far from that.
Common, Kanye West and Talib Kweli all make backpack rap.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM August 22, 2005
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Fabric container generally used to carry books that is positioned on the back
"Are you going to take your backpack on the field trip?"
by hawk May 30, 2003
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(n) A man or woman who constantly follows in the footsteps of their significant other, date, or dancing partner.
ex.: Sammi:Ronnie :: Backpack:Backpack host. "I couldn't shake her in the club last night, she was playing my backpack the whole time!"
by Jackie Gee January 14, 2011
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To backpack a team in videogames or sports.
Dude, he pretty much backpacked the team." "Dora taught me how to backpack ;)
by Capn AwmNawms March 14, 2011
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A guy or girl who constantly follows their significant other, or object of affection, during social functions.
Kelly: Janet wouldn't leave Eric alone at the party. I think she was afraid he would cheat.

Sandra: Yeah, she was being a total backpack.
by jmidi January 15, 2011
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Hey, Joe. Did you hear that new rap song by Lil' Fo'Sheezy?

Fuck, no. You non-artistic cunt. Only People who hate music would listen to that mainstream bullshit. I only listen to backpack rap.
by FagginBlagginBloodleDoodle October 13, 2009
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