I often laugh when someone declares a thing to be fair. Fairness is a funny illusion. It’s one of our most useful illusions, but it’s an illusion nonetheless.
My mother gave me a fucking scooter while she gave my little sister a new Cobalt. No fairness in that.
by theshadowofdeath December 08, 2011
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Dave: yo how come you didn't come to the party last night?
Navraj: ah I was busy with college work man
Dave: oh fairs
by big.M1000 September 12, 2017
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A phrase unbelievably overused in the United Kingdom. Mostly by morons to be fair.
To be fair, I haven't bought the milk.

To be fair, I have no idea how to use the phrase correctly.
by digsy95 January 08, 2014
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It means that how much you paid for is perfectly worth that stuff.
I make a great fuck with my girlfriend and she enjoyed it too. So fair is fair.
by dolphin123 January 23, 2008
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A term used by whiny children who don't get what they want.
Child: No fair!
Parent: It's no carnival either, son.
by Silent Speaker January 10, 2010
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made by bigo creators; be fair means do your due dills or to go through with something. it can also mean your not throwing any shade your just being truthful.
1. get che to a box yall be fair

2. im going to be fair and say weluvche is the queen of bigo

3. be fair zae you said you would stop begging for beans
by @WELOVEBIGCHE September 03, 2020
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A phrase that often precedes a statement that is intended to offer a piece of information which the speaker feels is important to the conversation.

This phrase often sounds pretentious when used, and will often be followed by a piece of obvious information that nobody wants to hear.
Joe: "I've gained twenty-five pounds!"
Bob: "To be fair, you haven't gone outside at all in the past four months!"
by DarlingBelle March 12, 2013
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