A country which consists of four smaller countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (The term "Great Britain" refers to England, Scotland and Wales. Add Northern Ireland and you get the UK.) It is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and is over a thousand years old. The people there speak English (along with welsh and gaelic), which is also spoken worldwide, as a result of Britain owning a quarter of the world. Technically speaking, the UK is a part of Europe, but we don't really belong there. We're British not European.

Some notable things to arise because of the UK include: the telephone, the computer, the television, penicillin, the refrigerator, the bicycle, the pneumatic tyre, the Unites States of America, the steam engine, the atomic clock, the sewing machine, the postal service, the Christmas card, the pencil, the typewriter, the telegraph, the ATM, the MP3 player, the computer mouse, the adjustable spanner, the chocolate bar, the dishwasher, the tin can, the lawn mower, the smallpox vaccine, the world wide web, fish and chips, the tank, the depth charge, the tuning fork, modern atomic theory, the electricity generator, the pocket calculator, the laws of motion, the theory of evolution, tennis, golf, baseball, cricket, football, the jet engine, the submarine, the postcard, plastic, the bank of England, the bank of France, the boy scouts....
The United Kingdom is a pretty awesome country, considering that it's one fortieth the size of their children across the Atlantic.
by Bedlamite10 September 24, 2013
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The United Kingdom is NOT England.

England, Scotland and Wales are the countries which make the term 'Great Britain. '
Ireland is a separate country which is split between- Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. Only Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

So, the United Kingdom is Great Britain ( England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland.
The proper name for the UK is ' The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'
by Decebel1 March 2, 2015
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United Kingdom is the shortened version of what is the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' which can be further abbreviated to simply the U.K.
The United Kingdom is comprised of four states, in order of size, England the largest, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The main language of the U.K. is English, but other languages such as Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Irish Gaelic are also spoken in more remote parts.
The U.K. is situated in an archapelago of islands off the North Western coast of the European continent. Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) being the largest of the islands. The islands surrounding Britain are also a part of the U.K.
by Stuart Fletcher January 7, 2005
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JM Writes :
"This England never did, nor never shall,
Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror."
- William Shakespeare
Time to remind him that the definition is United Kingdom and Not England.And whilst on the subject of Blundering Errors England Was Conquered in 1066 by lots of Normans From France Remember William the Conqueror?
England is only part of the United Kingdom Not the whole thing!
by william the wallace March 20, 2006
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the country that once ruled half the world, our politics are shite and our economy's gone to hell but we're better than a bunch of fatass yanks sitting there trolling saying we're shit. If any of the people who insult britain ever got off their asses and bothered to visit the country that civilised them. Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
American: Howdy you stoopid son of a bitch

British person:Greetings, fat fucktard who has ancestors from the United Kingdom.

by Mr.Britain May 17, 2011
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A bit of an misleader as it is neither United nor a Kingdom. The English hate the Scots and the Scots hate the English - So much for unity. The current monarch is QUEEN Elizabeth, hence we should rename it "The Un-united Queendom".
You live in the United Kingdom? Isn't that full of chavs and idiots?
No... Mumford and Sons are not chavs!
by Pissed Nirdfighter December 23, 2010
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