1.) A Sweet Candy
2.) Used To Describe A Skin Color (The Most Beautiful Skin Color)
I Absolutely LOVE Chocolate

She Has The Most Beautiful Dark Skin Complexion :)
by RedBoneShawtty!!!:) February 1, 2011
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Chocolate. The most beautiful, delicious, amazing tasting, wonderful, happy, wonderful, fantastic thing in the whole universe. Sweet, rich, mouth-watering. Tastes great with everything and is the solution to every problem, the answer to every question. Makes life worth living. Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands.
I ate 5000000000 chocolate bars today.
by ChocolateLover14 March 11, 2017
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Something that is the best it can be.
That hot chic is So chocolate. This steak is sChocolate
by Martix July 17, 2008
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A term used for anything of a remarkable nature.

"Did you see that girl? She was SO Chocolate!"
"That shirt is totally Chocolate!"
"Check out my new phone, it's so Chocolate!"
"Damn that movie was Chocolate!"
"thats pretty damn Chocolate my friend"

"That bitch was so not Chocolate"
"There's just no Chocolate to this town"
by Flash321 December 1, 2009
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The only thing worthy to live for.
Guy 1: I hate chocolate.

Girl 1: Hey bro, Guess what.

Guy 1: What?

Girl 1: Fuck you.
by Crippled and depressed March 30, 2019
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