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Our President.
Sadly, he had enough back-up to cover up his faults.
by Ixx April 25, 2005

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All of the above/below, plus, buried in the bill for NCLB is a section that allows the military to access allllllllll your high school records.

But it isn't unconstitutional yet because you can opt out. Of course, Fox would never ever tell you this.
If you're in high school, opt the fuck out at www.militaryfreezone.org
by Ixx March 22, 2005

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A talented ska band from Olney, MD
www.skip16.tk ...their site
by ixx January 04, 2005

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A talented band from Bethesda MD.
by ixx January 04, 2005

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The anti-christ. Bears the number 666 and is probably a communist.
I am the beast, and I wanna see some fucking communism because then church and state can be destroyed, MWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No, seriously.
by Ixx April 10, 2005

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One who hangs arounds anothers pants...
Trouser monkeys get A LOT
by ixx February 11, 2005

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The WORST show ever. I apologise to the writers, but that how is the definition of bad cartoon.
The characters in that show represent all the bland or annoying people on Earth. They have annoying voices.
by Ixx March 31, 2005

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