A feat achieve by the San Francisco 49ers, Chiacgo Bears, and New England Patriots.
The San Francisco 49ers went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The Chicago Bears went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The New England Patriots went 18-1 and lost the Super bowl. Sucka!
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 16, 2010
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1. The biggest upset in football history (used by patriots fans)

2. The greatest thing to happen to the planet since boobs. (used by everyone else)
1. I can't believe the patriots only got 18-1. That's bullshit!

2. WOO-HOO!!! 18-1, SUCK ON THAT, BRADY!!!
by James Tinman February 4, 2008
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To have everything going in your favor until the last moment. Derived from the 2007-2008 season New England Patriots whose quest for a perfect season was derailed by the New York Giants in the Superbowl XLII.
I had an 18-1 bowling game last night, I was making all those strikes until I made a gutterball at the final round.
by Idiot-Finder2 February 13, 2008
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18-1 is probably one of the most embarrassing records to have in football history. It may be thought that winning 18 games and only losing 1 is a good thing, but when that last game is at the super bowl to a wild card team, it is nothing to brag about.
The patriots went into the super bowl with an 18-0 record. After getting spanked by the giants they went 18-1 and went from "unbeatable" and "perfection" to "embarrassed".
by bLiTcH February 4, 2008
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1. The state of being excessively arrogant or cocky.

2. The act of choking, as in an unexpected loss.

3. The process of karma catching up with a cheater or team of cheaters.
1. Bob was so too 18-1 going into that Tennis match and lost because of it.

2. Timmy was up by 5 points but managed to 18-1 the game away at the end.

3. 18-1 will eventually happen to Barry Bonds.
by FannyFondler February 13, 2008
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1. What the Patriots ended up after they got beat in the Super Bowl

2. The Trademark of the NY Post after the Patriots bought 19-0
Well there goes the Patriots' perfect season. Now their 18-1.
by KS_You_Know February 4, 2008
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not perfect, usually due to inferiority to the New York Football Giants
1) "The New England Patriots finished the 2007 NFL season 18-1."

2) "damn! that bitch is 18-1!"
by muthafuckineli February 4, 2008
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