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Formerly used as an onomatopoetic expression to describe the sound of laughter in '60s theatrical jargon.

A decade later was used as an expression of distaste, disgust, or revulsion by people who attended comedy clubs, probably due to the disgusting nature of the jokes told in a more vulgarity-tolerant society. Can also be used in its adjective form, yucky.

see also: blech, ew, yucky, ick, icky
Yuck-yuck, you make me laugh with your silly antics sometimes, Bob.

Yuck! There's a freakin' fly in my soup!
by PaperMachete October 28, 2005
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(adj.) Used to describe something that is both gnarly an delicious at the same time. Something that's so special and brings so much bliss to life that it can only be encapsulated by this unusual word.
Nadia is so gnarlicious; I miss her immensely (though I'm sure she doesn't feel the same).

Sushi is so gnarlicious I could eat it every waking second of my life.
by PaperMachete October 29, 2005
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adj. not right

adj. wrong, according to the bfg

n. side that leans towards liberalism

n. side of the brain that deals with logic and analytical reasoning

n. the hand that will reach out of your monitor and smack you upside your thick skull for looking this up
people who look up left in dictionaries need to find a better way to spend their time, as do i for even bothering to make a fucking definition for left. wow i'm really don't want to do this fucking discrete math homework--my left brain is fucked up.
by PaperMachete October 27, 2005
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In or at that indicated place: the house over yonder.

Being at an indicated distance, usually within sight: “Yonder hills,” he said, pointing.

One that is at an indicated place, usually within sight.


Look over there at the big blue yonder.
by PaperMachete October 27, 2005
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a combination of hello and yo

hellyo is used only to address people in frustration or anger
by PaperMachete October 26, 2005
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The reason pseudo-zombies roam the earth.

Start school fucking later.
I studied for the calc mid-term until five in the morning. Fuck school for turning me into a pseudo-zombie.
by PaperMachete October 25, 2005
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A common phrase expressing frustration or annoyance with someone or hatred, cursing him/her. Pretty self-explanatory.
by PaperMachete November 3, 2005
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