a once successful and dominant company in the energy business, but has fallen because they tried to hide company losses and avoid taxes by creating made-up entities. as a result of these unethical practices, enron has become bankrupt and robbed their employees of their retirement funds. the most infamous name associated with this scandal is Kenneth Lay, who is on trial as of januray 2006. he is charged on 11 counts ranging from insider trading to bank fraud.
ken lay and enron took my money. give it back you son of a bitch. i can't feed my kids. his defense is totally fucked, he should've plead guilty like the rest of his buddies.
by Jim March 8, 2006
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an evil company that sapped money from California, screwed it's workers and shareholders, and worked with corrupt politicians (see Bill Clinton and George W. Bush) to pass laws to keep it at the top of the heap. was destroyed when a whistle-blower showed what an evil company they were.
Ken Lay jumped from the sinking Enron ship.
by Laird December 9, 2003
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Used to describe the most 'wrong', i.e. evil or grotesque, things imaginable.
Raping babies is just fucking enron, man.

Nigel: Sometimes I think about drinking my own pee-pee.

Dicky: Nigel, you are enron.
by Mr Spanky Pants August 4, 2006
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1. (n) A company that got fucked by Ken Lay and his butbuddies.

2. (a) A way of saying that someone/thing is going to go bankrupt.
1. Enron blows chunks

2. Worldcom enroned a couple days ago, but they are continuing to serve clients.
by Moe July 26, 2002
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a company that "formerlly" owned the Republicans and rented the Democrats.
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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v. to be cheated; to take money unjustly.
by Big Rabbit October 18, 2002
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A company that was owned by Republicans. It was giving monet to terrorists and had lots of bad buisness things happen to it.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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