something that is totally utterly nd disgustingly disgusting!!
Anna: My sister shoved a frog in my face last nite!!
Ashlyn: What did you do?
Anna: I screamed,'EWIE!!!'
by (=Maddy=) December 31, 2009
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Acronymn for Entry Without Inspection, a legal term used by US Immigration Officers. It refers to illegal aliens that enter the United States without being inspected by a US Immigration Officer.
The ICE Immigration Enforcement Agent had to process 5 aliens: One was a visa overstay and one was an AggFelon, but the other 3 were just plain ol' EWIs.

The US Border Patrol Agent deals mostly with EWIs every day.
by Dave December 1, 2005
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a creature that cant be found at zoos; it is amongst us humans. it does things that incites attention. it causes sences it doesn't let love in, but emits laughter. its is known as an ewi. its catch phrases are "you know what i mean?" and "i mean..."
"she just threw he keys into the bushes"

"you cant do that!"
"what an ewi"

"what an ewi"

by jstempdaman October 17, 2010
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what really cool people say when something disgusts them
Ewies! that slimy frog just touched me.
by ewies February 24, 2011
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Ewy is a word adjective that means something is disgusting
"Omg do you see that ewyHayden person"
"Ewy so disgusting"
by Big fat pillow November 12, 2019
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n. The acronym for Electronic Wind Instrument, a non-acoustic, 8-octave wind instrument manufactured by the Akai Professional corporation and made popular by saxophonist Michael Brecker. The EWI consists of two primary components: the controller, utilizing the boehm fingering system similar to that of a saxophone; and the analog tone generator module. It is related to the less popular Electronic Valve Instrument (see EVI).
an EWI solo; the EWI player.
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
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