aka "Signing the NAFTA,"

It is the act of two American roommates having simultaneous sex in two beds on opposite ends of the same bedroom--one with a Mexican and the other with a Canadian.
Snakes and I met these two girls at the bar and ended up running border patrol last night.
by B40s April 25, 2011
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Cleaning up down south, after you have defecated.

Taking a shower or washing up.... after you take a shit.
Sorry I was late, I was on border patrol.
by Aquarawel September 22, 2012
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1). Fucking idiot standing at the border, most likely straching his sack

2). Job that requires under 70 IQ.

3). Bored people who shoot at immigrants trying to cross the border.
1). Look at Eric A. Pennino scratch his ballsack; he must be a Border Patrol Officer.

2). I'm a complete retard, I should join the Border Patrol!

3). 72 innocent men were shot today by the Border Patrol.
by Storytelling Sam February 2, 2006
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A Devastating cocktail.. A big shot of 1pt Yeager,1pt Vodka, 1pt Tequila, and maybe a float of Red Bull....
I was on Border Patrol until til i saw starrs
by FUFRED August 19, 2007
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someone who stops mexicans from getting to america
Border Patrol:
Dude you see that maexican trying to jump the border?
Yeah *powpowpowpow*
Got him.
by looloolooivegotsomeapples November 7, 2008
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A gay man who goes after only Latino boys.
"Border Patrol is going to love it here with all the Brazilian boys running around"
by J James November 4, 2007
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