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n. The acronym for Electronic Valve instrument, the less popular variant of the Electronic Wind Instrument (see EWI). Designed with a trumpet-like interface.
The trumpet player readily switched to the EVI.
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
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n. The acronym for Electronic Wind Instrument, a non-acoustic, 8-octave wind instrument manufactured by the Akai Professional corporation and made popular by saxophonist Michael Brecker. The EWI consists of two primary components: the controller, utilizing the boehm fingering system similar to that of a saxophone; and the analog tone generator module. It is related to the less popular Electronic Valve Instrument (see EVI).
an EWI solo; the EWI player.
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
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The same type of pop shit you hear on top 40 radio, but in Japanese so you can feel superior.
The weeaboos listened to Jpop and watched animu.
by Helioseismology January 2, 2010
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n. A monster of depravity.
When you reach the scene of crime - Macavity's not there!
by Helioseismology December 31, 2005
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A Japanese form of poetry used by lazy people.
Haiku example:

I like potatoes
They are yummy and filling
Five more syllables
by Helioseismology January 16, 2010
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n. A baker who specializes in using ginger to flavor baked good such as biscuits, streusel, and - most notably - gingerbread.
The ginger baker cleaned his muffin tin as he watched Gilligan's Island.
by Helioseismology January 1, 2006
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